University of Pittsburgh - Baseball

Camp Add-Ons

The University of Pittsburgh Strength & Conditioning Staff offers, on select camps, additional camp options, which can be added to your camp registration, and purchased during checkout. A description of the service is below. To receive instruction in the following areas, simply add these options during checkout.


  • What?
    • An 8 min jump and balance test utilizing a force plate that measures and optimizes human performance
  • Why?
    • Data allows us to minimize injury risk, and safely speed recovery when there is an injury

Sparta Science technology is a software that utilizes force plate data to determine how well you generate, transfer, and apply force. Based on your Sparta movement signature from series of jump and balance tests, we can determine areas of weakness and in turn guide your training program in a way to enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury. After the test is performed, an explanation of your results along with a program specified to you will be sent via email.

Movement Screen - $20

  • What?
    • A 3 test movement screen to pinpoint and gauge movement limitations and deficiencies specific to your sport
  • Why?
    • Optimize training opportunities and make actionable steps to enhance movement

The movement screen consists of three movements to detect imbalances and asymmetries. In general, any imbalance is unnecessary strain on the affected joint(s), which in sport can lead to a greater risk injury if not addressed. What may start as “tightness” or “discomfort” can become a major injury if it is not pre-habilated properly. By partaking in the movement screen, we will be able to program you individualized exercises to not just increase your strength, but also optimize your movement. After the screen is performed, your results along with a program specified to you will be sent via email.



When we are offering it ---

An hour before camp starts.